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I made a little ant simulation thing. It's not really a game, but I find it fun to watch, so I thought I would share.

The basic rules are as follows: 
-Ants will automatically go and search for food and carry it back to their base
-Ants use energy when moving. To replenish energy, they must eat food back at base. The more translucent an ant, the less energy it has.
-Plants produce fruit over time. Plants also move around randomly so as to make it harder for the ants.
-Ants will attack ants from foreign colonies. Circular ants have a target they currently chasing. 
-When ants die, they drop a corpse, denoted by a triangle, which allied ants will carry back to the colony.

When you start the program, there's a menu that lets you adjust some factors for the simulation. Press escape at any time to return to this screen. 
1. Ant colonies is how many colonies will be spawned. 
2. Starting plants is how many plants will be spawned. 
3. Starting ants is how many ants each colony starts with. 
4. Ant speed is how fast the ants move. High speeds are ridiculous.
5.  Ant energy is a measurement of how far an ant can walk and how much damage it can take before needing to eat. 
6. Ant strength is how much damage an ant does. 
7. Colony spawn pattern allow you to adjust how the colonies are placed in the world. It can be random, circular, or linear. If selecting circular or linear, the Spread Distance slider will appear. This tells the program how far away from each other to place the colonies. 
8. Max ants is how many totals ants can be in the world at a time. This is primarily a performance thing. 
9. Ant spawn sets the needed criteria to make new ants. "Fruit is greater than current ants" waits to make new ants until the colony has more food than ants. "Fruit is collected" makes a new ant whenever an ant brings food back to the colony. 
10. If winter is enabled, the ants will periodically find themselves in winter. In winter, no fruit spawns, and all fruit (except ones you've placed) will be deleted. 

A few other things to know: 
You can click on a colony to see some stats about current ants, highest ants, etc. 
The black button gives you access to the interaction tool: 
1. The fruit tool lets you place fruit with the left mouse button and remove it with the right mouse button
2. The boot tool lets you kill ants when the left mouse button is pressed down.
You can increase or decrease the size of the tool using the right/left arrow keys. 
I think that's it? Hopefully, you enjoy! 

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