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In Blood Cards you fight monster by playing cards that drain your health. 

Basic Steps: 

1. Start your turn by clicking on the deck to be dealt your cards. 

2. Drag cards over enemies to play them. 

3. Press the next arrow to end your turn. 

Defense (or completely negates) incoming damage. 

There are three ways to regain health: 

1. At the end of your turn you gain +1 health (this can be upgraded).

2.  Blocking all incoming damage is likely to drop some health

3. Killing an enemy gives you health. 

There are three classes of enemies: 

1, Brutes are basic guys who on average has higher attack than other classes, 

2. Healers can heal their allies on their turn

3. Tanks have a lot of health but generally low attack

Moving the slider around increases a multiplier that increases the damage and health cost to play defensive and offensive cards. This is useful because of how the game gets harder as it goes on, but it is ultimately not a great mechanic that it would replace with a full upgrade system if I had time. 

Okay, I think that's all. Hope you enjoy it (at least somewhat) and sorry for the lack of music, poor art, and problematic difficultly curve. 


Blood Cards.zip 19 MB


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Good attempt, liked the card mechanic, if it gets developed it will be a cool game.

* graphics need some more consistency (as said by @erikkire ) and some spicing up
* sounds will help a lot
* more types of cards and a shop would be good
These are just suggestions, it's understandable you couldn't do it in such a short deadline.