A downloadable game for Windows

Only One Verb. 

In Ghosts & Guns the player is limited to a single action. The only thing you can do is shoot. There are four direction you can shoot in, using WASD. You can switch to a shotgun by pressing 2 and switch back to the pistol by pressing 1. The pistol consumes one bullet per shoot and the shotgun takes 2. 

Press 'R' to restart any level. 


Ghosts&Guns.zip 20 MB


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I really liked the game. I love the idea to use the recoil of the weapon to move through the level especially when the enemies are approaching from a direction from which you don't want to move away. The ammunition limit and the restriction to 4 directions makes for challenging puzzles.


Very cool game you got here. It's fun to use your gun to propel yourself at a certain direction. You probably don't need to limit the bullets and it is still fun, since the mechanic is a challenge as it is.

Good job on making a few levels too especially for puzzle games. They are hard to make. But you did a good job with each level as they progress in difficulty.